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A Piece of Paradise

  After purchasing Paradise and bringing her into my home I had a small party with family and friends. Everybody loved the painting, they commented on the warm colors, the imagination and technique. I purchased a few more of Michelle's paintings and display them through out my house. After talking with Michelle, we decided to work together building a web-site.  One by one I photographed each painting while Michelle told me what gave her inspiration.   Studying each painting for days, looking at the vibrant colors and doing the near impossible task of matching the colors for her site. I notice that each painting seemed to have its own unique magical nature. I could feel the warmth and passion Michelle put into every painting. I found myself falling in love with each and every painting. Some of the paintings were sold. The owners were so attached a few would not let me take them even for a day to photograph; I had to photograph them in their homes. I think of myself as honored to be able to have each one of Michelle’s creations “her works of art” if only for a few days. I can’t wait to purchase or just to have for a short time to photograph Michelle’s next painting.

Richard P. Mroz
Parsippany, NJ

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R.P. Mroz
Michelle's paintings are so beautiful that they bring tears to my eyes. She has that special quality of a true artist to convey feeling. I am completely in awe of her talent and I wish I could cover every wall in my house with her paintings. Her work is vibrant and alive and full of light energy that can only come from within.
Toni Gambino
Parsippany, NJ
A new age impressionist with an eye for the colorful nuances of nature. I can't help but be uplifted by the possibility I feel when I look at  her work. She is like a breath of fresh air in this turbulent and chaotic time in history. I would like to live in her paintings.
Jeanie Smith
Michelle's work is awesome, she is so talented! I love all her work, but my favorite is "Blossom".
So far I have 3 of her prints. Two are in my home & the last one is in my office. Everyone loves them.
Pamela Cummins
Successful Relationships
Denville, NJ
Dear Michelle,
I want to express my sincere gratitude for making my living more alive with the presence of the “Dancer” painting that I purchased from you and is place on the mantel of my fireplace.
Every visitor and family who has been to my home comments on that dancer. You said to me: “She belongs to you because she is the expression of yourself”, as I always wanted to have a dancer art work to manifest who I am.
There is something about your good nature that brings each and every one of your paintings alive and fills up the room with an inexplicable energy.
Throughout the years, I have always received compliments about your art work, from friends and family. There have been many occasions when friends have inquired about references of the artist who painted the dancer and I feel very fortunate that I can refer them to Michelle Romanelli with confidence and pride.
I truly thank you.
Yvonne Ferise
Florham Park, NJ
“ Nature's peace is softly and easily transmitted through Michelle's paintings.  Her colorful, imaginative painting of Almost Heaven, our seasonal waterside country home hangs in our Palm Beach, Florida residence and provides a portal through which our minds can travel back to the country at any time to enjoy its peace and tranquility at a glance.
John Luke,
West Palm Beach, Florida
I am fortunate to have not only one but two of Michelle's nature inspired paintings. The Doorway and Jersey's Garden painted in memory of my dog Jersey.
Her paintings reach far into the spirituality of nature.
In her paintings I find an escape from the reality of our hectic and sometimes chaotic world.
You will find yourself soothed by their tranquil beauty and awakened to the true spirit of our natural world.
The energy that radiates from any of  Michelle's works of art will instantly transform the room it inhabits into a healing room.
NancyAnn Dwyer
Kenvil, NJ
I love the feeling that comes over my being as I gaze at the artwork of Michelle Romanelli.
Two of my favorites are named Joy and Emergence.
The daffodils in Joy give me a smile the moment I look at them. They seem to follow me around the room wherever I go.
The tulip in Emergence seems to be opening up to infinite possibilities as it grows and reaches upwards toward the heavens.
Thank you Michelle for gracing this world with your wonderful artistic talents.
Ginny Caroselli Co-Founder,
Mt. Tabor Healing Center, Morris Plains, NJ
The highest compliment I can give, Michelle Romanelli, is to say that I find her work irascible, almost compelling. I don't have a budget for art, but the day I saw "Field of Dreams", I had to have it and knew if I didn't purchase the piece, I would regret it because someone else would. I grabbed it, and since that time have made an additional purchase. Her imagination, style, and use of color is very effective in capturing the energy of a subject. Check her out !
Dr. William Stone, D.C.
To Contact Michelle

phone / text   (973) 220-1970